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What is PLAAK network

PLAAK is a project that began in an effort to find a solution for the perceived incompatibility of incorporating blockchain technology more cohesively into people’s everyday lives, in a constructive manner.

Interlinked Apps

Our backend is built in such a way that all the apps are interlinked

One Login

Single account for all PLAAK apps

Smart contracts

You have full control of all the payments

Highly Secure

By having continuous improvement on all platforms, we are able to ensure the security of PLAAK

Use Cases

PLAAK Freelancing App
In Store

Find trade or service providers in real time

Real Time Mapping

See which service providers are in your local area in real time

Secure Payment Gateway

PLAAK has partnered with PayPal for its payment gateway

Reviews? OfCourse

The Plaak App enables you to leave reviews for the person you choose

Support Chat

Engage with the PLAAK team via our website, Facebook page or email

PLAAK Wallet App
In Dev

Convert, Send & Store currency in real time

Extremely Low Fee

Each transaction will cost only 1% value of the amount!

Secure Payment Gateway

PLAAK has partnered with PayPal for its payment gateway

One Tap Payment

PLAAK Wallet supports one click payment, thus saving your time.

Barcode Scanner

PLAAK Wallet has an inbuilt barcode scanner to send money instantly.

PLAAK Investment App
In Dev

See your future grow in front of your eyes

Auto Invest Spare

Automatically invest your spare change from every purchase

Intelligent Investment

Every dollar you invest is automatically diversified to prevent risks

Watch it Grow

PLAAK Wallet supports one click payment, thus saving your time.

Secure Payment Gateway

PLAAK has partnered with PayPal for its payment gateway

PLAAK Health App
Coming Soon

Blockchain based solution for Health

PLAAK Health App is an early idea which is bringing the Blockchain technology into Medical and Health industry. PLAAK Health will help in keeping records in the blockchain, get medical related services from professionals, and still giving the control back to you. PLK will be the currency used in all payments.

You will further be able to send your detailed records to the medical health expert and get the best advice possible. Follow us for more information!


We have big plans for the future of the PLAAK network

Q3 2016
Research and analysis
Q2 2017
PLAAK Marketing Website
Q3 2017
Backend Dashboard
Q3 2017
PLAAK development
Dec 1 2017
PLAAK pre-sale registration
Jan 15 2018
PLAAK pre-sale launch
Mar 1 2018
PLAAK official launch
Mid 2018
PLAAK Crypto Financial Presentation
Late 2018
Start development of a decentralized exchange and a cross chain network
Late 2018
Message Encryption within PLAAK App
Late 2018
Complete anonymous crypto currency PLK Coin
Late 2018
PLAAK Application Payment System
Late 2018
PLAAK HEALTH Presentation
Late 2018
Debit Card Presentation Using PLAAK Decentralization network
Early 2019
Creation of personal avatar customized to suit the user
Early 2019
Introduction of AI avatar to assist with enquiries and how to guides within PLAAK
Mid 2019
Debit Card - Creation to work within the Plaak Ecosystem
Mid 2019
Investment Funds Project Starts Investment Fund Mobile App Website Creation
Mid 2019
Creation of a mobile investment application to redistribute


After all who likes to work alone?

We know you have a lot of questions in mind so we have prepared a FAQ section to answer all your questions
Using smart contracts enables the people to choose their terms, when they work, how much to charge and which crypto or fiat currencies they wish to be paid in for their service.

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